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Leigh Ann Orsi is a certified life coach. She draws upon her transformation, adventure, and career experience to bring out the best in others. Learn more about where she began this fascinating journey, how she found her purpose along the way, and what she's doing now to change the face of personal development.

Current Role and Duties

Presently, Leigh Ann is crushing to her role as a certified life coach & consultant. Her clients hail from all walks of life, and each thirst for purpose, fulfillment, and excellence. She has a special passion for assisting anyone who wishes to experience more energy, alignment, and success in their daily lives.

She draws from her life experience navigating health, entrepreneurship, emotional crises, divorce, and reinvention in mid-life to connect with her clients, who range from successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders to navy seals.

Visit Leigh's business website here: https://leighannspeaking.com/


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