About Me

Beginnings in Entertainment

Though Leigh Ann has made a name for herself as an athlete and life coach, she began her career at 18 months old, working in the entertainment industry — specifically, in acting for television. Her time as a child actress helped develop her work ethic as she spent her formative years working 8-10 hour days to complete schooling and pursue her acting career. She starred in over 100 commercials in the 1980s and 1990s, including 8 Barbie commercials and industry classics such as Skippy Peanut Butter with Anette Funicello, Flinstones Kids, Sears with Whinnie the Pooh, and more.

Her acting work stretched into her teenage and young adult years, where she had the privilege of more experience in TV and film, including a recurring role on the number one sitcom in America, Home Improvement, starring in the movie Pet Shop, and even acting alongside Brad Pitt and her little sister in The Favor. 

Years as an Athlete

Leigh Ann valued her years in the acting world and discovered in adulthood athletics was also a passion. She competed in amateur and professional level competitions in martial arts, aerial acrobatics, theatrics, and dance. She traveled the world, making guest appearances and teaching students and fans in 38 counties.

Orsi created, directed, and produced a world-renowned aerial and theatrical dance show in Las Vegas and Los Angeles for over 12 years. The show featured over 100 performers per night. Leigh Ann enjoyed excelling at the range of challenging roles required by the production, including Producer, Director, Choreographer, Casting Director, Financier, Promoter, Performer, and Host. During this time, she would learn the value of problem-solving, communication skills, and the powerful rewards of challenging her fears. This production allowed Orsi to provide hundreds of women the chance to get on stage, transform their self-image and live their dreams. Witnessing this was one of her greatest joys.

Professional Skills and Experience as a Life Coach

Ms. Orsi is a practiced and skilled entrepreneur. Through her nearly two decades in business, she has learned to weather difficult times, invent creative solutions, and see hardship as a necessary obstacle to success. She survived two economic crises in 2008 and 2020, all while paying off over $100,000 in personal post-divorce debt, and saw a successful exit in 2022. She credits much of her success to her sales, marketing, and branding strategies which she brings to her coaching business and clients' experience.

Orsi is open to working with anyone who wishes to live a more passionate and energetic life. She considers the following to be her areas of expertise as a life coach:

  • Imagining and making a practical plan to live your dreams

  • Exploring health and wellness, food choice, including fasting, herbal medicine, and meditation

  • Using fitness, weightlifting, and exercise to shape one's body and mind

  • Empowering yourself and healing yourself holistically 

  • Navigating the business world for personal benefit

  • Finding inspiration in your life and pivoting when you aren't reaching your goals

Orsi's Vision for the Future

Due to her unique background in fitness, entertainment, world travel, and her lived experience as a motivational coach, speaker, and performer, she is in a unique position to help others become who they want to be. People from around the country — and even around the world — will feel comfortable speaking with Ms. Orsi and allowing her into their space to help them grow as human beings. Ms. Orsi considers it an honor to share what she has learned with others.

Personal Life and Hobbies

One of the many joys in Leigh Ann Orsi's life is traveling and delicious natural food. She finds world travel to be one of the most important things a person can do for him or herself. She loves to embark on solo adventures. Orsi has ventured to France, Greece, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia multiple times and wishes to traverse South America more thoroughly in the near future. Her other hobbies include dining out and cooking with sustainable meats fed their natural diet and herbs and vegetables from her organic garden. She is passionate about sourcing great food products from regenerative farms and checks all her labels for unnecessary ingredients. It's shocking what they put into foods these days! Leigh Ann avoids all preservatives and food additives and loves naturally fermented goods like sourdough, kombucha and pickles. Leigh Ann's other hobbies include great wine, anything physically active, reading, exploring plant medicine, and natural modes of healing.